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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Usage

  • Why when I go into Attraction, Dining, Shops, etc. do I only see Disneyland information? What about Disney California Adventure and Downtown Disney?
    Be sure to use the SORT button at the top right of the screen, this will give you many different options to sort and view the list of information on screen.
  • When I’m on the map, it seems to only show rides, what about the other points of interest?  I know there are not 400 rides at the Resort!
    Don’t forget to use the FILTER button at the top right of the screen next to the Disneyland Inside Out logo.
  • Why do you ask to use my location?
    Our primary purpose in using your location is to tell you how far away you are from attractions within the park.  Beyond that, if you have signed into Gowalla, your location will also be used to check into spots with that service.  Finally, if you wish to submit a wait time and have it as part of the wait time estimate, your location is used to ensure you are within 300 meters of the attraction.


  • Do you use my Unique Device Identifier (UDID) and why?
    If you are not aware, your phone has a number that uniquely identifies the device that is different from your phone number.  Recent news articles and media reports have played up the privacy implications of this number, as some Apps do use it for advertising and other tracking purposes.

    We value you and your family’s privacy, and while we do use the UDID from your phone, we will never sell, lend, rent, borrow or otherwise provide that or any other personally identifiable information from our database for use in advertising.

    Since I did say we do use your UDID, how do we use it?  Unfortunately, anytime a system is open and allows for users to submit comments or reviews, there is the chance for misuse.  The UDID is the best way we can identify a phone so that in the off chance we need to take action, such as restricting a user from posting information, we can do that without impacting other users on our system.

  • On Android why do you require the permission “Read Phone State and Identity”?
    As with our iPhone version of the App we need some way to uniquely identify a given phone in case we need to restrict access for that device for misuse of the App. Unfortunately Google requires this Read Phone State permission and lumps a bunch of features in together, even though all we use is the unique ID of the phone.

    Rest assured, we don’t read your phone number, your phone calls or any of that additional information that is put into this permission. In fact since there are so many different types of Android devices (tablets and phones) we have our own algorithm to generate a unique value for your device. Once this algorithm generates its number we are unable to retrieve the pieces of information that went into the final unique ID. So not only do we not have your phone information stored, we don’t even collect the serial number, IMEI numbers, MAC addresses or any of those techno-babble related numbers.


  • What do you use my facebook information for?
    facebook provides a great way to connect with friends, but it also allows  for an easy mechanism for single sign-on.  Rather than force you to remember yet another username and password and for us to find a secure way to store that information, we rely on facebook to authenticate you and identify who you are.

    Beyond that, we do use your list of friends to show you which of those friends may be using Disneyland Inside Out via the Friends Activity section of the app.None of your personal information beyond your facebook uid is stored in our database.

    We dislike advertising as much as the next guy, and as with the UDID will never pass our database on to third parties.We do store your “name” as you submit it in reviews.  This name can be your real name, or you can use an online identity if you prefer. By default we will show your real name on the screen to submit a review, but you can change that as you see fit.

    We do reserve the right to add more social features to the App that will make your experience in the parks that much better, but we will always keep your privacy a top priority.

  • Who can see my facebook activity?
    Only your facebook friends may see your activity via the Friends Activity screen.  This information is NOT public.


  • What the heck is Gowalla anyway?
    Gowalla is a location-based social service that allows you to “check in” to real world locations and share what you are doing with friends.  Gowalla entered an agreement with Disney to provide customized “badges” for Disney Resort attractions and locations, known as “spots”.  Disney guests can use Gowalla to check into their favorite Disney Park locations in Anaheim and Orlando and earn virtual badges, collect items, and complete Gowalla trips.

    Disneyland Inside Out connects directly into these Gowalla spots and, when logged into Gowalla, each time you submit a wait time or review you will be automatically checked into the corresponding Gowalla spot.  These check-ins occur ONLY if you are logged into Gowalla in our App.  If you have not logged in your location will NOT be shared via Gowalla.

  • How do I stop checking into Gowalla?
    If you no longer wish to automatically check into Gowalla simply tap the Log out of Gowalla button on the Social Settings screen in Disneyland Inside Out.

Ratings, Reviews & Reputation

  • How do I earn “reputation” points?
    Earning reputation points breaks down as follows:
    Wait Time Submissions

    • Submit a wait time
      1 pt / 2 pts with facebook

    Ratings & Reviews

    • Submit a rating with no comments
      1 pt / 2pts with facebook
    • Submit a rating and review with less than 500 characters in your review
      2 pts / 4 pts with facebook
    • Submit a rating and review with less than 1000 characters in your review
      4 pts / 8 pts with facebook
    • Submit a rating and review with more than 1000 characters in your review
      8 pts / 16 pts with facebook

    Thumbs Ups / Thumbs Down on Reviews
    50 points are needed before your Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down will be accepted by the system

    • Thumbs Up
      4 pts / 8 pts with facebook, to the review selected
      1 pt / 4 pts with facebook, to the user submitting the thumbs up
    • Thumbs Down
      - 2 pts to the review selected
      - 1 pt to the user submitting the thumbs down

    facebook Status Updates

    • Each time you allow Disneyland Inside Out to submit a status update to facebook, for either a wait time or attraction review you will earn:
      2 pts
  • What are reputation points good for anyway?
    As Disneyland Inside Out grows, reputation points will be used to provide you access to additional features and services within the App.  Today, reputation points are used as follows:

    • 50 points are required before the Thumbs Up or Thumbs down will be accepted by the system.
    • Each point you earn gives you a higher weight when you submit a wait time.  There is an unannounced number of points you can earn that will allow your wait time submission to override what the system is currently displaying.  We’re not quite ready to reveal the number of points, but rest assured it is possible.
  • Does using facebook give me reputation points?
    As you can see in the question above, it sure does!  When you have logged into facebook, many of the points you earn double.  Allowing automatic status updates to your wall earns you even more points!

    Logging into facebook also boosts your default reputation within the App, and automatically increases the weight your submissions have in the system.  Wait times immediately earn a 20% increase in weight when you are logged in via facebook.

  • What happens to my reputation points if I don’t log in with facebook and I move to a new phone?
    As long as you backup and restore your data from your old iPhone to the new one, your reputation points will move along with you.  Anytime you either uninstall Disneyland Inside Out, or install it on a new phone your reputation points will start over at 0.

    We strongly encourage you to login with facebook so you don’t have to worry about this issue, but we also wanted to provide flexibility for those who don’t want to use their facebook login.

  • Can I submit more than one rating or review for an attraction?
    No, we only allow you to submit one rating and/or review per attraction.  As time goes on and your view of an attraction changes, or you’d like to  add additional information in your review, you can always submit a new rating and/or review and this new submission will override what you shared previously.
  • I submitted a Rating with no comment, where did it go?  Why isn’t it showing on the list?
    Currently rating submissions that include no review only show as part of the average rating on the attraction detail page.  Even though it doesn’t show in the list of comments, know that it is definitely being included in the overall average rating.

Wait Times

  • I submitted a wait time, but the wait time didn’t update to exactly what I submitted or even not at all, why?
    This is one of the places where we use your current location.  In order to minimize errant wait time submissions you must be within 300 meters of the attraction for the system to accept your wait time.

    If you are close enough, then your submission is averaged with system estimates and other user submissions based on your reputation.  The more you do in the app, the more reputation you will earn (see the question above for more details) – the higher your reputation, the more weight your wait time submission will have.  It is possible to earn enough reputation that your submission will be fully trusted and used as the actual wait time.

  • How many wait times can I submit for an attraction in a row?The system will allow you to submit one wait time for a given attraction during the time period you submitted as the current wait. Yes that was confusing, here’s an example to understand it better:
    • Indiana Jones Adventure has a 60 minute wait
    • You submit 60 minutes for the wait time at 11 a.m.
    • Since we assume you’re waiting in line, any further wait times you submit for Indiana Jones Adventure will be ignored until 12 noon
    • During this time, you may still submit wait times for other attractions, so if you hopped out of line to ride the Jungle Cruise, the system will accept your submission for that attraction

    Please note that we do track every submission you make, and though your submissions may not be included in the estimate, wait times will be reviewed for abuse.  Our goal is to provide the best crowd sourced wait times available and we hope you will help in that endeavour.

  • I marked an attraction as closed. Why didn’t the wait time update to show that it is closed?
    As with wait times, if you don’t have enough reputation your “Closed” submission will only be partially taken into account.  A very quick way to reach the required level of reputation for “Closing” an attraction is to sign into facebook in the Social Settings section of the app.